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NEW Mixed Media artist, Tamsyn Williams

Tamsyn Williams lives and works in Cornwall. After doing a foundation year at Plymouth School of Art in the 1970s and getting a place at Cardiff to do a Fine Art degree, she decided instead to study History of Art and English Literature at Oxford Poly, followed by an MA and PhD at the Courtauld Institute in London.

On completion of her academic studies, she realised she missed painting and Cornwall, so returned in 1986 and did a two year course at Falmouth School of Art. She has been living, working and painting in St Ives ever since.

Tamsyn loves the flexibility of mixed media and likes to focus on places which mean something to her. As well as painting, she works as a gardener and this is very much reflected in her painting, along with her fondness for her house. The layers in her paintings come from her habit of constantly making changes, scraping down and building up with paint, drawing and collage. She likes the way in which the layers suggest the aged quality of a place and the things that were before. Often the recycled materials have added poignancy in that they come from furnishings and things in her house, as well as her past, but it can just be that a piece of paper or fabric is the right colour or pattern.

‘Hollyhocks’ Mixed Media on Board

2018 calendars and ideas for Christmas stocking stuffers

It's two weeks to go until my 1st Year Anniversary and next week, I have the work of 1 new mixed media artist and one 1 textile artist arriving in the gallery ...

In the meantime, I have been making a new range of lined notebooks and working on some Christmas decorations. I have also produced a new 2018 calendar ‘Inspirations’ which is already selling fast … 

Did I mention the word ‘Christmas' … like 2 busy Santa’s elves, Marion Stuart  and Tamlin Lundberg are currently making some gorgeous, handmade ceramic decorations for the Christmas tree ... and Tamlin is making her fourth new series of ceramics for the gallery ...



New work by potter and ceramicist, Marit Ammerud

I had a one day mini shopping trip this week to purchase some new work by Marit Ammerud, whose textile and ceramic medals are already a BEST seller in the gallery.

Marit also produces a wide range of tableware in thrown and slab formed earthenware. They are decorated with coloured slips and utilise a variety of printing and drawing techniques.  Each piece is unique and her intention is that they are seen as 'Functional Art’.

Here is just one of her new pieces in the gallery ... there will be more work added to the collection, over the coming weeks ...

‘Table’ Ceramic Platter 


Changes to the gallery...

It has been ALL change, here at the gallery, this last couple of weeks, in preparation for my First Year Anniversary on Saturday 4th November. There has been lots of coming and going! I now have a lovely old vintage counter, which, in a former life, lived in a railway station and some new shelves to house the gorgeous, new textiles and ceramics. All that’s left to purchase is the real Christmas tree, which will arrive early November and will be full of beautiful new ceramic Christmas decorations made by Tamlin Lundberg and Marion Stuart. It'll be jingle all the way ...


'First Anniversary’ celebrations are on their way...

Thank you North Norfolk Living Magazine for the write up in your new Autumn issue.

I have been VERY busy this last few weeks, getting ready for my first year Anniversary on Saturday 4th November. We will be celebrating ALL day long, here at the gallery, with drinks and canapés. Everyone is welcome to join in the celebration! There will be lots of exciting, new mixed media artists, that will be showing their work for the Autumn/Winter season plus lots of affordable, luxury gift items to fill your Christmas stockings...


Exciting NEW artist, Johno Cornish, joins the gallery

A NEW and EXCITING mixed media artist, joins the gallery this week; Johno Cornish.

Johno is a local artist, born and raised near the Norfolk Broads. His work is different, exciting and already very popular. It wasn’t until a life changing experience in 2005, that Johno started painting. He has no formal training and is very much inspired by nature and his local environment. He loves the different shapes and colours of the trees and gets lots of his inspiration when he is driving.

Some of Johno’s paintings are from his imagination and others from the photographs that he takes of his surroundings.

He tried to paint now and again using a paintbrush but didn’t enjoy it because he said ’the paintings looked flat and lacked movement. I felt I needed to try something different, so I tried using a screwdriver and it worked. It felt spontaneous and free and my paintings now look full of life and movement.’

Johno has an unusual and eye-catching style. His choice of instrument and unique way of making marks, mainly with gloss and acrylic paint, make his work fresh and exciting. His pieces are unique, sensitive and also beautiful in their simplicity.

‘Still Hare’ Gloss Paint on Paper

New Textile Artist Michelle Holmes

Another new and very talented textile artist joins the gallery this week, Michelle Holmes.

Michelle trained in Embroidered Textiles at Loughborough University and now works from a studio at The Ferrers Centre for Arts and Crafts, in Staunton Harold on the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border.

Her work is a mixture of free machine embroidery and hand stitching. She likes to work onto natural fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton because of the way their surfaces reflect light. The tactile quality of the cloth is an important element in her work. She often uses cyanotype/blueprint for her backgrounds. Beautiful, deep, cyan blues, created by the strength of UV light, make starting points for night skies and coastal pieces. The works are usually presented as wall hangings or mounted and framed.

Michelle's creative process is rooted in her love of nature. She works in sketchbooks, drawing directly from what she sees around her; trees, hedges, birds, deer, sheep, the changing seasons, buildings and people. Using these sketches as a resource, together with memory and imagination, she creates her embroidered stories.

Her influences include Boro Textiles, Folk Art, Seventeenth Century English Embroidery, Samplers, the paintings of Mary Newcombe and Samuel Palmer, Folk Tales, Maps and Medieval Carvings.


'Betty embroiders the truth' 14.5 cm x 8 cm print


'Betty and birds peruse the seed catalogues with interest' 24 cm x 24 cm print


Artist and maker, Debbie Lyddon, joins the gallery

Debbie Lyddon is an artist and maker based in Surrey and Norfolk. Debbie explores landscape and place and her practice includes mixed-media cloths, sculpture, installation and drawing. Her inspiration comes from experiencing and paying attention to her surroundings.

Debbie’s practice investigates coastal locations and how we perceive natural phenomena in those environments – air, wind, water, light and sound.

As an artist and a musician, her work is not only inspired by things that can be seen but also by things that can be heard and touched. Debbie aims to evoke a multi-sensory interpretation of her surroundings; to promote an awareness of the relationship between the visual, aural and tactile landscape.


Marshscape Collage 2017 series

'These collages have been created intuitively. They are images of the Norfolk coastline that come from my memory: the shape of a bend in the creek, the rocking of moored boats or the outline of the saltmarsh. They are about shape, colour, light and space. I make them from bits pulled out of my big bag of odds and ends (mainly unfinished and discarded work and left-overs) and specially painted paper and cloth. It is rather like doing a puzzle. I move shapes and colours around until they suddenly jump into the right place – what Sandra Blow calls that ‘startling rightness’.


‘Marshscape Collage #1/2017’ Mixed media on linen


‘Marshscape Collage #2/2017’ Mixed media on linen

NEW Artist and Printmaker, Lindsey Tyson ...

I am excited to announce the arrival of another new textile artist to join the gallery. Lindsey Tyson works from her studio in Scarborough and is inspired and driven by nature and the love of her surroundings.

Originally a weave designer in the automotive industry, Lindsey is an artist and printmaker with an innovative and experimental approach. She is stimulated by the challenge of combining different media and techniques, with an aim to to create a quality and tactile product, that defies its description.

Working with very fine wools and using her own fabric designs, Lindsey’s aim is to break down the common perceptions of felt making by producing a range of sophisticated products, utilising various art and textile processes, to create her own unique style of art.


Pebble Brooches £15


Elemental Bowls Small £49 Medium £69


Latest Work by Marion Stuart

September 2017

A collection of beautiful, new, smaller pieces of work, by Marion Stuart, have just been delivered to the gallery.

Marion has recently been playing around with small pot designs. Her ’scroll notepots' are in her trademark cobalt blue and her ‘inky bottles,’ reminiscent of ink wells, have been cast in porcelain from her own moulds and finished off with gold lustre.

Marion studied a BA in Fine Art Ceramics at Bretton Hall, West Yorkshire, adjacent to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, from 1995 to 1999. The effect of being so close to sculpture was that her own work was motivated by clay, as a medium for artwork. She has always been interested in the use and power of words and from her degree, she has used books as a starting point for her text based artworks. 

Opening her own studio in Norwich in 2011, she has been experimental in her work and has now moved back to her fine art roots and is re-examining printed word in clay.


‘Inky Bottle’ Porcelain Clay £22


‘Scroll Note Pot’ Porcelain Clay £18