Gallery News

NEW LOCAL talented photographer, John Wright joins gallery

A BRAND NEW photographer, John Wright, joins the gallery this week. John is a local photographer, born and raised in Cley next the Sea. He spends a lot of his free time, walking and capturing the beauty of the local wildlife and seasonal changes of the North Norfolk landscape. It is a place where he feels a connection to nature.

Over the past 25 years, John has travelled all over the world. He has spent a lot of time in Europe and Scandinavia, capturing the sights and sounds of the places he has visited, resulting in a vast collection of almost 20,000 photographs.

John is very passionate about his photography and you experience this, when viewing his extraordinary body of work. His inherent love of nature and wildlife, is captured through the lens; especially the beauty and wildness of the North Norfolk coast, which he calls home.

We are currently stocking a range of John’s photographic cards in the gallery. There will be prints of his work to follow, over the coming weeks.

Barn Owl II

Cley Sunset

NEW Limited Edition Etchings by Maria Pavledis

There has been ANOTHER delivery of TWO NEW Limited Edition Etchings by Maria Pavledis.

They were so popular that one has already SOLD before this going to press. Maria will be delivering more work over the coming weeks, including some new owl etchings.

Maria is an artist and printmaker, who works with the dreamlike world of fairy tale and narrative; including its darker and uncanny elements.



’Night Tree’ Limited Edition Etching 1/1 50 cm x 47 cm SOLD


‘Blue Tree’ Limited Edition Etching 1/1 50 cm x 47 cm £400

NEW work by local painter, Johno Cornish

TWO new pieces of work have been dropped off at the gallery recently by local painter, Johno Cornish and once again, one of his hares sold instantly ... everyone loves them ...

Johno's unique style of painting, with a screwdriver and gloss paint, give his work a beautiful simplicity and captures the imagination of those viewing it. There will be some of his new, larger works coming soon ...

‘Inquisitive Hare’ Gloss on Paper 45 cm x 45 cm SOLD

‘Listening Hare’ Gloss on Paper 45 cm x 45 cm £400

New collection of work by jeweller, Hannah Collins

There has been a NEW delivery of work this week by jeweller, Hannah Collins. Hannah makes unique, wearable creations out of interesting objects, including miniature perfume bottles, clock parts and antique spoons. She primarily works with sterling silver, gold, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals in her designs.

This is just one of the pieces from her new ‘Reflection Collection’ ...

Tassel chains complete spoon necklace


TOP 5 Things to Do in Norfolk this week

If you are in Norfolk this week-end and fancy a bit of inspiration, then pop into the gallery.

On Saturday, we will be celebrating our first year of opening the business, with drinks, canapés and free goodies and gift wrapping service. Step out of the cold and rain …. and into our winter wonderland of inspirational art … we even have a real Christmas tree, complete with beautiful decorations, made by 2 of our local ceramicists … so, come inside, get warm and inspired and join in with all the festivities ...



Semi-Abstract Painter from London, Nicky Basford, joins the gallery

I am really pleased to announce the arrival of a NEW semi-abstract painter from London, who joins the gallery this week.

Nicky Basford returned to full time painting in 2002, after a career in art and retail and has since, exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. She studied at Chelsea, Camberwell and Newcastle schools of Art and now lives and works in London, where she has just finished her sixth solo show.

A semi-abstract painter, whose primary inspiration is the landscape, Nicky works in oil and mixed media, both on location and from her studio in London.

Subjects include West Dorset and St. Ives in Cornwall, places she knows well and further afield, where she goes to walk and paint; the Camino de Santiago through Northern Spain, Provence and Capri.

Her paintings, though freely executed, are always underpinned by a firm understanding of the principles of drawing and composition. They recall a place rather than reproduce it. It is sensual work, both because of how the artist experiences the landscape and how, through the fluency of her visual language, she enables the viewer to do the same.

‘Luberon Vineyards’ Oil on Board


1st Year Anniversary fast approaching

This has got to have been one of the most manic weeks of my whole first year … apart from the lead up to my opening, that is …

I have had numerous deliveries in the last couple of weeks and still have a few more to come before the end of this week! The gallery has grown over the last 12 months, with now more than 20 British Mixed Media artists showing their work at the gallery.

My 1 year Anniversary celebration is happening this Saturday 4th November from 10am to 5pm. There will be drinks, canapés and festivities all day long plus FREE giveaways of mugs, tote bags, tee towels and tee shirts for every purchase of an original framed piece of artwork. There will also be FREE Christmas gift wrapping and some reduced prices on some of the artwork.

I have added lots of small, luxury gift items over the past few weeks and you can now purchase affordable, hand made products; from handmade linen items, lined with luxury velvet, to gorgeous fine felt printed pieces, to a wide range of ceramics, jewellery, notebooks, cards and small, unframed pieces of work … there is something here for everyone!

Here are a couple of pics of the gallery opening event last year … and what it looks like today ...


Gallery Opening 5th November 2016


Gallery today … one year later …

CHRISTMAS decorations and jewellery by Marion Stuart and Tamlin Lundberg

With my 1st Year Anniversary fast approaching and the arrival of my REAL Christmas tree tomorrow, I cannot wait to decorate it with these gorgeous porcelain clay decorations by Marion Stuart and Tamlin Lundberg, which I received this week ...

They have been busy little elves in their workshops, this last few weeks, creating these beautiful and delicate pieces … I even had an unexpected, surprise little stash of jewellery by Marion …


Porcelain Clay Christmas Decorations by Tamlin Lundberg
Medium Leaves £8 each or 3 for £22
Large Leaves £12 each or 3 for £34


Porcelain Clay Christmas Horse and Reindeer Decorations by
Marion Stuart £12 each


Porcelain Clay Christmas Snowflake Decorations
by Marion Stuart
Small £4 each or 3 for £10
Large £9 each or 3 for £25


Porcelain Clay Typekeys Earrings by
Marion Stuart £12 each


Porcelain Clay Brooches by
Marion Stuart £12 each

FOURTH series of work by Tamlin Lundberg

‘At our Feet’ follows the success of Tamlin's last three sell-out collections and is now her fourth series of work for the gallery.

These hand made pieces are created in response to our surroundings and experiences in the natural world. Through walking the landscape, collecting objects and stories, fragments and memories, Tamlin attempts to capture traces of these small exchanges with the environment.

This latest series continues works based around walks along the North Norfolk coast, responding to the physicality of landscape, including geology, plants and weather.

Recently she has become fascinated by the tiny and small elements at her feet, which we walk past, on, or over without even noticing. Nature offers us its gifts and nourishes us as human beings in ways which are intangible and invisible. Nature’s restorative qualities are often overlooked, and it is by focusing on the small and lower growing species of plant, the mosses, the ferns, grasses and sedges, that she hopes to capture and draw attention to these gifts which are literally and metaphorically laid at our feet.

‘At Our Feet Series' porcelain/stoneware pots, vases and tall bottle forms



Exciting NEW Textile Artist joins the gallery...

Another NEW and EXCITING local, contemporary artist, Sue Johnston, joins the gallery this week.

Sue is a textile artist and painter, based in North Norfolk, who draws inspiration from the landscape, with nature conservation being a recurring theme.

With a love of textile processes, stitch in particular, she has developed her own unique technique. Working with a base of wire and paper, found items are combined with stitch, to depict plants and creatures and represent the fragility and balance of nature, which all interlink and depend on each other. Beautifully observed and delicately made bumble bees, dragonflies and other flora and fauna are captured in a most unusual way.

Sue studied at the Norwich School of Art, graduating with a BA (Hons) in Textile Art. After graduating, she was invited to be a licentiate member of The Society of Designer Craftsmen and took part in their exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London. Sue regularly participates in the annual Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios and was selected to show her work at the annual Cley Contemporary Art exhibition in 2016-17.

‘Big Bee’ and ‘Little Bee’ Wire, paper and stitch 3D


‘Dragonfly, Beetle, Flower’ Wire, paper and stitch framed