Latest Work by Marion Stuart

September 2017

A collection of beautiful, new, smaller pieces of work, by Marion Stuart, have just been delivered to the gallery.

Marion has recently been playing around with small pot designs. Her ’scroll notepots' are in her trademark cobalt blue and her ‘inky bottles,’ reminiscent of ink wells, have been cast in porcelain from her own moulds and finished off with gold lustre.

Marion studied a BA in Fine Art Ceramics at Bretton Hall, West Yorkshire, adjacent to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, from 1995 to 1999. The effect of being so close to sculpture was that her own work was motivated by clay, as a medium for artwork. She has always been interested in the use and power of words and from her degree, she has used books as a starting point for her text based artworks. 

Opening her own studio in Norwich in 2011, she has been experimental in her work and has now moved back to her fine art roots and is re-examining printed word in clay.


‘Inky Bottle’ Porcelain Clay £22


‘Scroll Note Pot’ Porcelain Clay £18