New Work by Marion Stuart

May 2017

Marion is a ceramicist working on art principles in clay.  She is the founder of StudioDo ceramic art and education in Norwich and curator of Cley 17.

A new delivery of Marion’s work has arrived this month, of bottles and houses, to add to her already beautiful collection.

Her Lottabottle text is seen in reverse like the notebook of da Vinci. Marion’s words come from a book called 'Dartmoor Omnibus,' a series of stories by Eden Philpotts, which she has worked in and from for twenty years; selecting words unconsciously, which create a sense of poetry. They appear illegible and legible on the forms she uses. Gold is used to highlight defects, cracks and edges of deliberate broken and mended works. It references the wabi sabi Japanese principle and also the technique of kinsugi; mending ceramics with gold. The form is a response from a collection of antique bottles and castaway items.

Marion’s Tickytocky houses are a selection of individual houses which have been imprinted with ceramic ink using a method known as silk screening. Marion says 'It’s like I’m sending them a home from my space to their space – like the pieces are returning home to their new owners. I love architecture and I love temporary houses – like houses next to rivers and tidal houses on stilts. The writing on the houses is slightly obscured and each one is different. I then glaze them to make the wording stand out. You can peer inside them,' she says. 'The delicate pieces seem warm and inviting yet absent, with each one missing its roof. It’s part of the fragility of a home that’s there, but not quite there.'