NEW Artist and Printmaker, Lindsey Tyson ...

I am excited to announce the arrival of another new textile artist to join the gallery. Lindsey Tyson works from her studio in Scarborough and is inspired and driven by nature and the love of her surroundings.

Originally a weave designer in the automotive industry, Lindsey is an artist and printmaker with an innovative and experimental approach. She is stimulated by the challenge of combining different media and techniques, with an aim to to create a quality and tactile product, that defies its description.

Working with very fine wools and using her own fabric designs, Lindsey’s aim is to break down the common perceptions of felt making by producing a range of sophisticated products, utilising various art and textile processes, to create her own unique style of art.


Pebble Brooches £15


Elemental Bowls Small £49 Medium £69