Artist and maker, Debbie Lyddon, joins the gallery

Debbie Lyddon is an artist and maker based in Surrey and Norfolk. Debbie explores landscape and place and her practice includes mixed-media cloths, sculpture, installation and drawing. Her inspiration comes from experiencing and paying attention to her surroundings.

Debbie’s practice investigates coastal locations and how we perceive natural phenomena in those environments – air, wind, water, light and sound.

As an artist and a musician, her work is not only inspired by things that can be seen but also by things that can be heard and touched. Debbie aims to evoke a multi-sensory interpretation of her surroundings; to promote an awareness of the relationship between the visual, aural and tactile landscape.


Marshscape Collage 2017 series

'These collages have been created intuitively. They are images of the Norfolk coastline that come from my memory: the shape of a bend in the creek, the rocking of moored boats or the outline of the saltmarsh. They are about shape, colour, light and space. I make them from bits pulled out of my big bag of odds and ends (mainly unfinished and discarded work and left-overs) and specially painted paper and cloth. It is rather like doing a puzzle. I move shapes and colours around until they suddenly jump into the right place – what Sandra Blow calls that ‘startling rightness’.


‘Marshscape Collage #1/2017’ Mixed media on linen


‘Marshscape Collage #2/2017’ Mixed media on linen