NEW LOCAL talented photographer, John Wright joins gallery

A BRAND NEW photographer, John Wright, joins the gallery this week. John is a local photographer, born and raised in Cley next the Sea. He spends a lot of his free time, walking and capturing the beauty of the local wildlife and seasonal changes of the North Norfolk landscape. It is a place where he feels a connection to nature.

Over the past 25 years, John has travelled all over the world. He has spent a lot of time in Europe and Scandinavia, capturing the sights and sounds of the places he has visited, resulting in a vast collection of almost 20,000 photographs.

John is very passionate about his photography and you experience this, when viewing his extraordinary body of work. His inherent love of nature and wildlife, is captured through the lens; especially the beauty and wildness of the North Norfolk coast, which he calls home.

We are currently stocking a range of John’s photographic cards in the gallery. There will be prints of his work to follow, over the coming weeks.

Barn Owl II

Cley Sunset