FOURTH series of work by Tamlin Lundberg

‘At our Feet’ follows the success of Tamlin's last three sell-out collections and is now her fourth series of work for the gallery.

These hand made pieces are created in response to our surroundings and experiences in the natural world. Through walking the landscape, collecting objects and stories, fragments and memories, Tamlin attempts to capture traces of these small exchanges with the environment.

This latest series continues works based around walks along the North Norfolk coast, responding to the physicality of landscape, including geology, plants and weather.

Recently she has become fascinated by the tiny and small elements at her feet, which we walk past, on, or over without even noticing. Nature offers us its gifts and nourishes us as human beings in ways which are intangible and invisible. Nature’s restorative qualities are often overlooked, and it is by focusing on the small and lower growing species of plant, the mosses, the ferns, grasses and sedges, that she hopes to capture and draw attention to these gifts which are literally and metaphorically laid at our feet.

‘At Our Feet Series' porcelain/stoneware pots, vases and tall bottle forms