Gallery News

Mad as a March Hare ...

I was delighted to receive a NEW delivery of work from local painter, Johno Cornish, this week. Due to their popularity, we now have an assortment of Johno’s hares (both framed and unframed) and a new larger work on canvas called ‘Excitement’ (below)

Johno's unique style of painting, with a screwdriver and gloss paint, give his work a beautiful simplicity and really capture the viewer’s imagination ...



'Wishing Hare', Gloss and Acrylic on Paper (framed)

'Excitement' Gloss and Acrylic on canvas (unframed)


NEW jeweller joins the gallery

Danish born jeweller, Birgitte Bruun, is the latest jeweller to join the gallery.

Birgitte creates contemporary silver and gold jewellery, influenced by Scandinavian design ethos.

She handcrafts a range of contemporary, elegant and timeless jewellery and likes to produce contrasts in her work, whether by texturing, oxidising or milling the silver or gold. She particularly enjoys shaping the metal by forging and planishing. Many of the pieces involve these techniques and give interesting textures to the precious metal.

Birgitte also includes interesting semi-precious stones and pearls in her designs.


Silver bubble blower


NEW Larger Mixed Media work by Tracey Ross

A NEW larger piece of framed work arrived this week from local artist, Tracey Ross, ‘Breathtaking Light.’ Tracey says about this latest piece of work ‘It’s about my walking and sketching along the stunning North Norfolk coastline - drinking in the light, colours and atmosphere. I’m focussing on the horizon and seeking the thin places through the atmosphere. I’m trying to sense how it feels to engage with a continual communication between heaven and earth and how to express it as an artist: like a love song, singing to my heart'.


‘Breathtaking Light’ Mixed Media on Canvas 104 cm x 104 cm


New miniature series by Simon Kirk

March 2018

I was delighted to receive a new delivery of work from Simon Kirk’s miniature series this week. A great way to kick off the new season! They all come in beautiful white frames and are already getting lots of attention …

Simon has exhibited and sold at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2010, 2013 and 2015 and his work is regularly exhibited abroad. His works are a synergy of poetry and painting, text and image, abstraction and figuration, combining influences from both the literary and art work alike. Influenced by haiku, humanist concerns and the philosophical ides of ‘the absurd’, Simon’s mixed media pieces have become increasingly sought after by art collectors, since the beginning of his career in 2007.

‘Dreams’ Collage, Acrylic, Image Transfer
25.5 cm x 31 cm (inc frame)


THREE NEW Mixed Media Paintings by Tracey Ross

THREE new pieces of framed work have arrived THIS WEEK from talented local painter, Tracey Ross. ‘Autumn - Stiffkey Creeks I,’ ’Seeking Horizons I’ and ’Sea Swell' have all been inspired by the North Norfolk coast and add an Autumnal feel to Tracey's beautiful collection of mixed media paintings in the gallery ... the light and energy in these paintings just leap off the board ...

‘Autumn - Stiffkey Creeks I’ Mixed Media on Board 66 cm x 42 cm


NEW FRAMED mixed media work by Debbie Lyddon

TWO NEW PIECES of framed work have arrived THIS WEEK from local artist, Debbie Lyddon. ‘Jetty’ and ‘Blue Horizon’ have both been inspired by the North Norfolk coast and add to Debbie’s beautiful collection of 'mixed media on linen' work ...

It really is worth popping in the gallery to see Debbie’s skilful and tactile work up close ...

‘Jetty’ Mixed Media on Linen Framed  29.5 cm x 29.5 cm 

‘Blue Horizon’ Mixed Media on Linen Framed 29.5 cm x 29.5 cm

Daisy Magee adds a touch of nostalgia to the gallery

A hoarder of unwanted ephemera, a maker of marks and a collector of words, phrases and rhymes, Daisy is a process driven mixed media and textile artist, whose work embraces the spirit of ‘make do and mend,’ ‘waste not, want not’ and ‘hand crafted.'

Scraps of once used fabric, beads from a broken necklace, old, torn, printed paper, vintage silk threads and worn buttons, all evoke memories of grandma’s sewing box; a safe and homely place.

Every unwanted item has their own story to tell and spilling from boxes, envelopes, jars and baskets in her North Norfolk studio, they all find a home in Daisy’s one off artworks.

Daisy studied at the Norwich School of Art, gaining her BA in Visual Studies. Her practise is both visual and tactile.

‘Catching Red Herrings’ Mixed Media Framed 24 cm x 24 cm

 Vintage Textile Bracelets

NEW original embroidered work by Michelle Holmes

A BRAND NEW delivery of work has arrived THIS WEEK from Michelle Holmes. I am delighted to announce that we now have some of Michelle's ORIGINAL free machine and hand embroidered pieces on cloth, mounted and wrapped, to add to her range of prints and cards.

It’s worth popping in to see her beautiful, tactile work up close …

‘Betty is pleased to see the angel’ Free machine
and hand embroidery on cloth
21.5 cm x 28 cm (including mount) £50


North Norfolk Living Magazine Winter Issue ‘Arts’ in Holt

IT IS LOVELY to have been mentioned in the ‘Arts’ section of 'North Norfolk Living' magazine’s new Winter Issue …

Holt is now officially in full swing for the festive season, with the recent spectacular annual ‘lights switch on’ … the whole town looks and feels like a winter wonderland ...

With having recently celebrated my ‘1 Year Anniversary’ and with the addition of several new mixed media artists over the last few weeks, the gallery is looking its winter best. It is packed with a variety of artwork to suit all tastes and budgets and a fabulous selection of photography, ceramics, textiles, jewellery and greeting cards.

If you haven’t had the chance to pop in lately, then come and join us for a bit of festive cheer … we even have a real Christmas tree with lights and some beautiful ceramic decorations by local makers … all that is missing is YOU ...



INTRODUCING NEW HOLT photographer, Andrew Bamforth

ANOTHER LOCAL, talented photographer joins the gallery this week, Andrew Bamforth.

Andrew is originally from South Yorkshire but moved to Holt, North Norfolk in 2012.

Besides his love of motorbikes, which has taken him touring across most of the UK and Europe, he has had a lifelong enthusiasm and passion for photography.

As well as photographing local events, Andrew's biggest inspiration has been the local landscape and wildlife in his home county. He beautifully portrays the North Norfolk coast and big skies which Norfolk is famous for, in both black and white and colour.

There will be a changing selection of cards and prints in the gallery of Andrew's work.

‘Wells Big Sky’ Print 50 cm x 40 cm £76