Tamlin Lundberg

Tamlin Lundberg is an artist currently working in ceramics and drawing. 

Tamlin's 'Flint and Chalk' series are handmade and created in response to her surroundings and experiences in the natural world. Through walking the landscape, collecting objects and stories, fragments and memories, she is making constant exchanges with the environment.

This body of work, originates from examining the geological links between the North Norfolk coastline and the Sussex Downs, where she grew up. She attempts to capture elements, impressions and traces from these interactions. Subtle influences, like the weather, local folklore or even the textiles we wear, allows Tamlin to explore notions of place, identity and permeability.

'Flint and Chalk' series - porcelain clay and stoneware vessels  £30 - £300

Large Stoneware Vessel Grey SOLD


Tamlin's second series, 'Sea of Bottles' is based around walks along the North Norfolk coast, responding to the physicality of landscape, the geology, the North Sea and the weather. Tamlin says 'Bottles and jars are used to preserve and store and as human beings, we also retain and absorb, both a sense of place and an essence of our experience. These accumulations shape our identity.'


'Sea of Bottles' series - porcelain clay vessels  £20 - £68


'Lost and Found' follows the success of Tamlin's last two series and is her third body of work for the gallery. This latest series is inspired by the book “Landmarks” by Robert Macfarlane. He identifies how many local vernacular words, which describe specific details in nature, are dying out through lack of use. Language is an integral part of Tamlin's work. She says 'it binds us to each other and allows us to express our connection to the natural world'.

For example, in Norfolk the word ‘kane’ describes a stretch of shallow water left between an outer sandbank and the beach, which warms in the sun and is lovely to swim in. Anyone who lives in Norfolk will recognise this feature and the work is an attempt to help preserve some of this language. On the backs of the pots are more regular definitions or clues to their meaning and some have seed imagery which symbolises a re-sowing.

'Lost and Found Series' porcelain/stoneware jars and bottles various sizes £24 - £35