Marion Stuart

Marion's artwork is seen as an exploration of vessels in porcelain paper clay and the fragile impermanence of life. She creates broken and fragile dishes, houses and boats and delicately balanced precarious ladders, reaching to the heavens. Installations and vessels have been shown on light boxes, to create a subdued atmosphere, a reverence; church like spaces.

Her work is an investigation of the fragile impermanence of life; the thin veil between life and death. Marion uses the thematic starting point of text, in handwriting and printed form. Symbols used in her work, reference literature, such as gold illumination and religious and mythological stories, such as Jacob's ladder and of the ferryman Charon.

For a long period of time, Marion has been using automatic writing, to explore her thoughts and reactions to events in her life, by using books and blocking in selected words and text. Text and automatic writing, underpin her concepts; the flow of the unconscious, as a stream of thought, across the paper white clay. 

Marion's work looks at the broken, mended pieces; using resin embedded pieces of printed text. She strives for the lack of functionality in the ceramic forms; holes, broken, fragmented, impossibly thin and fragile, then mended; yet not enough for any use.

In her destruction and reconstruction of these pieces, she has created a metaphor for the process of creativity itself. The Japanese roots of ceramics are embedded in her use of porcelain, the Wabi Sabi nature of the ware, use of calligraphy as art and Kintsugi is referenced, in the visible breakages and gold additions.


Inky Bottle 


'Inky Bottles' Porcelain Clay £22 each


Scroll Note Pot

'Scroll Note Pots' Porcelain Clay £18 each



Porcelain Clay Brooches £12 each