Johno Cornish

Johno Cornish is a local artist, born and raised near the Norfolk Broads. His work is different, exciting and already very popular. It wasn’t until a life changing experience in 2005, that Johno started painting. He has no formal training and is very much inspired by nature and his local environment. He loves the different shapes and colours of the trees and gets lots of his inspiration when he is driving.

Some of Johno’s paintings are from his imagination and others from the photographs that he takes of his surroundings.

He tried to paint now and again using a paintbrush but didn’t enjoy it because he said ’the paintings looked flat and lacked movement. I felt I needed to try something different, so I tried using a screwdriver and it worked. It felt spontaneous and free and my paintings now look full of life and movement.’

Johno has an unusual and eye-catching style. His choice of instrument and unique way of making marks, mainly with gloss and acrylic paint, make his work fresh and exciting. His pieces are unique, sensitive and also beautiful in their simplicity.





‘Wishing Hare’ Gloss and Acrylic on Paper
59.5 cm x 78 cm (framed) £575 


 ‘Quizzical Hare’ Gloss and Acrylic on Paper
60.5 cm x 75 cm (framed) £575






‘Inquisitive Hare’ Gloss and Acrylic on Paper
43.5 cm x 56 cm (unframed) SOLD


‘Listening Hare’ Gloss on Paper 45 cm x 45 cm £375

‘Still Hare’ Gloss Paint on Paper SOLD