Bek Genery



Bek has been lucky enough to learn her craft from an eclectic range of artisans in an apprenticeship style. She likes to learn in this traditional way and then experiment. She works in Ecosilver, sourced from Cookson precious metals. It is 100% recycled and traceable.
As a jeweller, Bek's work is heavily influenced by water; the towering reflections of the mountains in the Kintyre Sound or the epic meeting of sky and sea on the East Anglian coast. Places she has spent long hours.
Things flow up and ebb away in our lives. Adornment is fashion fleeting or life long memory. Bek is fascinated, in the true sense, by water and our relationship with it. The process of reticulation, allows her to turn metal from a solid to a liquid, while retaining its essential shape. When the surface of the metal is molten, the base components of the amalgam sink, leaving rippled silver wavelets. The inclusion of stones add to the depth and reflectivity of the surface.
Byzantium, Saxon metal smiths and antique setting techniques, appeal to her. She has travelled to both ends of this line. Bek is interested in the notion of exploration, how it affects us and the tools we use; objects that have been used to plot journeys through actual, physical space, as well as life. The people who used these things also made them into talismans, either to be worn or to adorn their bodies and bring them back safely.
Kelp Brooch with Pearl £102 - SOLD
Large Silver Cold Form Earrings £48

Mael Seaweed Cast Earrings With Chain £42

Silver Mael Cast Seaweed With Pearl Necklace £102


Affirmation Tag Necklet Silver With Pearl SOLD



Affirmation Tag Necklet Silver £54

Silver Bangle With Pearl £60


Breath Of The Moon Pearl and Chain Silver Bracelet SOLD

Long Pearl Drop Earrings SOLD

Spiral Pearl Earrings SOLD

Long Turquoise Drop Earrings SOLD

Leather Affirmation Tag Bracelets £42

Silver Oval Bangle 'You & Me' SOLD



Silver Rings With Moonstone & Quote £102

Silver Quote Ring Without Stone £84